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Last week we announced some important updates to path of exile: Betrayal. At the same time, the poe team made some further improvements. Today we will share some of the additional changes. If you want to buy chaos orbs cheap and fast, can be your best choice.


First, they’ve made some improvements to these maps to make them more enjoyable. We also wanted to clarify that the “Torture Chamber” map is no longer with us.

During the gauntlet between the first and second phases of the Desert Spring Map boss encounter, there are now many more scorpions that are frequently Magic and Rare which grant experience and items.

The second phase of the Desert Spring Map boss encounter has been improved by reducing the non-attackable time the monster has. During the second phase, the scorpions now engage you without waiting for the boss to submerge to the centre. These changes should increase the intensity of the fight. By the way, you can find the most professional service and the best exalted orbs at raiditem.

In 3.5.0 they are removing the ability to use stat sticks, you will no longer be able to use skills that require a specific weapon equipped if you are dual-wielding and one of your equipped weapons is unsuitable for that skill. Skills that could be used with two weapons, but were main-hand-only when used, now use both weapons when dual wielding.

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Path of Exile New Skills Preview – Raiditem

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Shattering Steel
This skill lets you swing your Sword or Axe, releasing a spray of three projectiles in an arc in front of you. These projectiles deal more damage the further they travel until they reach their maximum range. When they stop on an enemy or reach maximum range, the projectiles burst, dealing their damage in an outward cone. Cheap chaos orbs and exalted orbs for sale at with the cheapest price.

Shattering Steel has a chance to Impale, a new debuff that rewards repeat hits. Impaled enemies are covered in sharp metal spikes, making any hits taken more painful for the enemy. When you Impale an enemy, 10% of the unmitigated physical damage of the attack is stored, and the next 5 hits that enemy takes from any source will cause them to also take this stored damage. By the way, you can buy chaos orbs and exalted orbs cheap and fast at

Lancing Steel
Thrust forward with your Sword or Axe, firing a wide projectile that Impales any enemies hit. While you do this, additional projectiles are summoned as blades that float parallel with your attack, and these fly forward after a short delay. Like Shattering Steel, an enemy can be hit by multiple Lancing Steel projectiles, making the skill very effective if you’re able to catch an enemy with multiple flying blades.

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The Date of PoE Upcoming 3.5.0 Expansion

The launch date for the upcoming 3.5.0 expansion has been announced, we feel it is important to let you know the dates now so you can plan around them. If you want to choose a reliable place to buy chaos orbs and exalted orbs, always here for you.


In New Zealand time:
November 5th: Announce Experimental New Feature (Not Royale)
November 6th: Another (non-3.5.0) Announcement
November 14th: 3.5.0 Expansion Announcement
December 4th: Delve League Ends
December 8th: 3.5.0 Expansion Launch (this is December 7th in US/EU)

You’ll note that this timeline means that there will be an extra week to complete challenges in the Delve League. This is because the scope of the expansion is pretty significant, larger than the Bestiary, Incursion or Delve releases.

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Path of Exile 3.4.3f Update – Raiditem

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The poe team have prepared the 3.4.3f update for the ongoing Delve League. This patch includes a few improvements and various bug fixes. now – the best chaos orbs & exalted orbs shop will share the patch notes with you! More information you can check out at the poe official website.

Fixed a bug where stashes were able to be kept open after you were no longer near them.

Fixed a bug where ground effects from map modifiers in the Azurite Mine did not appear.

Fixed a bug where many Bloodline modifiers were unable to generate in the Azurite Mine.

Fixed a bug where Harbingers in the Azurite Mine were unable to drop high level currency shards.

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Fixed a bug preventing completion of the Unspeakable Shrine Abyss encounter in the Azurite Mine if your Light Radius was too low.

Fixed a bug where the Hybrid Defense Delve suffix modifiers prevented Hybrid Defense prefix modifiers from being rolled or crafted.

Fixed a bug where Instant Skills used on Predictive Mode could sometimes fail to cast.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.4.3e where ranged Minions, such as Spectres and Flame Golems, had a lower range for their skills than intended.
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The Surprise collaboration Event Coming To Lineage 2 –

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201809030333091 (1).jpg

In this collaboration event, a new event dungeon called the “Event Temporal Rift– Keep of Catastrophe” will be available to all players. With four difficulties to choose from, players of all levels and experience will team up in groups of five to face off against the new boss and save the Silverlight Mercenary. In addition to the new event dungeon, a new weapon costume will also be available to all players to celebrate the partnership between Lineage 2: Revolution and the surprise franchise.

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The update also adds a new mount pet called the “Divine Sharly.” The cute and egg-shaped pet is only summonable with “Divine Sharly Summoning Stones” and will also alter the character’s appearance when equipped. In addition, the special reward for victory of Fortress Siege also has been added to this update. Winners of Fortress Siege will acquire ‘Strider Binding Hornflute’ that can be used for summoning a strider as the reward.

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