WoW Gold Challenge Mode Buy | Walkthrough Videos of Each Zone

Challenge modes rewards has been fixed in WoD.Like in MOP you did it on 1 char buying Challenge mode Gold every char on your bnet account that is online Recieved the full rewards for CM Gold. Achievements, Portals, Transmorgs, Mount(Egg to choose the colour of your mount).Cm gold in WoD fixed status.All your chars on same Bnet account that is online recieve when you challenge mode gold boost complete CM gold. Achievement, Its shows you have it. But leaves the dungeons Unmarked that you havent done it.Title, only the challenge mode for sale char that did get the title now.

Mounts, Still be send to all chars online on your bnet challenge mode wow account. Transmorg weapons set, Only obtainable for the char that did it. In this guide, we’ve previewed all the rewards you can achieve, from transmog gear to challenge conqueror gold mounts, and gone over special gearing and zone rules. We’ve also included links to helpful walkthrough videos of each zone as well as Blizzard’s realm leaderboards. Finally, we made a list of unconventional items that can help shave off seconds on your run, such as Rute des Bernformens challenge mode wod for crowd control.


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