Buy Challenge Mode Gold | Gold Medal The Necessary Skills

People will only be sherpaed through the challenge once as a rule. If you have alternate toons you will only be considered on alternate toons if there is an extra slot in the group. This is only to make sure everyone gets a shot at the rewards and someone misses out because we are getting two people the rewards 3 times. Sherpas will be rotated as well depending on the number of sherpas. If there is enough to run two hard mode groups we will run two hard mode groups to get everyone the rewards.

In the underground city before, you can choose to challenge mode. In this mode, your goal is very clear: with the fastest speed and beat the underground city all the princes. Your equipment will be standardization, means in the challenge mode, you can only use a set to conform to the underground city difficult equipment, and not your own equipment. Therefore, the difficulty of the challenge to all players are equal. According to you complete underground city speed, you will be able to get three MEDALS: gold, silver and bronze MEDALS. Perfect teamwork, good communication and mutual support and encouragement will be get the gold medal the necessary skills.

You want to use Dark Soul for every big pack pretty much, and when your dark soul is up, Chaos Wave’s damage gets increased significantly. If you have any procs, such as Grimoire of Synergy, Dark Soul, Trinket Proc/Use, Potion up etc, then you want to use Chaos Wave for biggest damage output. But if the pack is pretty small and your group can handle it without problems, you can use Hand of Gul’dan to build up Demonic Fury & Molten Core procs for the next upcoming boss.


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