Challenge Mode Gold Gear | Complete A Given Challenge Mode

Morph Codes and display ids for most druid forms. Every race including Night Elf, Tauren, Troll and Worgen forms for Cats, Bears, Shirvallahs, Flight Forms, Moonkin forms, Druid of the Flames, Ghost Wolf, Bats, Travel Form and more. All CM achievements will turn into Feats of Strength. Rewards like the “Undaunted” title and the Pandaren Phoenix mounts will become account-wide. More specifically, instead of only getting one mount on one character for a full rack of Silver Medal wins, all four mounts will be available to all characters on the account. (Mount collectors, start your engines.) Folks who earn Gold will be able to repurchase pieces of their class-specific transmog armor sets after earning them, and if you’ve earned the teleport to an instance, you’ll get to keep it. (Flashy armor collectors and folks that really like teleporting to esoteric places GO TO.) The realm best titles, though? GONE. Blizzard promises new titles in WoD, of course.

Challenge Modes are designed to offer as close to a “normalized” difficulty as possible, and they’re tuned to be tough to master. With Warlords of Draenor’s class changes, itemization changes (e.g. the removal of Hit and Expertise), and—of course—increased level cap on the horizon, the difficulty of Mists of Pandaria’s dungeons will no longer be tuned the same as they were. In the spirit of fair play, when the aforementioned patch is released a little while before the new expansion launches, the current slate of Challenge Mode dungeons will no longer be available, and the achievements they award will be converted to Feats of Strength.

We are going to add a new title, Mistwalker, which will be awarded in patch 6.0 to any character who earned one of the “Challenge Master” Feats of Strength during the Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode season (this title will not be account-wide). The dungeon-specific titles will still be removed in patch 6.0 as previously announced. As setting record times for a fresh slate of dungeons will not initially be nearly as difficult (by definition the first group to complete a given Challenge Mode in Warlordswill have the best time on their realm), we will not be awarding any permanent titles for setting record times in Warlords.


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