Challenge Mode Gold Boost | Getting Kills on Enemies

Speaking of things that count, this is a huge relief and something many of us have been asking for since early in Year One. For a long time, Major and Ultra enemies have not counted toward Grimoire score, which has made getting kills on enemies such as Ogres and Hydra even harder than it otherwise would have been. Fortunately, Bungie has resolved this issue at long last. If you’re looking to challenge mode carry for gold kill ogres, I suggest starting with this week’s Court of Oryx Tier 3 – you can even farm it by just killing the summoned ogres until time runs out. For Hydra kills, just hit up the original Archon Priest strike: It has several, and you can keep wiping around the middle of the strike to get endless Hydra kills. About time!

Incursions do have matchmaking, but don’t have Checkpoints. This means that if your team dies, you’re starting the entire mission all over again. That’s very important as Falcon Lost will require the gear of a level 30 player. There’s also challenge mode mounts a Challenge Mode. Ubisoft Annecy isn’t limiting how many times you can play Falcon Lost either, but it it’ll only drop a really high-end reward the first time you play through. After that, it’ll still provide decent rewards, but not as great as the reward you already received. The gear from weapons and special Gear Set that players get with Falcon Lost will best anything else that’s available in the game.

With the announcement that max light level gear is now dropping from wow gold challenge mode buy King’s Fall even though enemy light levels are remaining unchanged, I’m sure you’re eagerly working to get the band back challenge mode power leveling together. You’re probably planning to take your main in first, and then work on your alts later. If you have more than one raid-ready Guardian, revise that plan!


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