Challenge Mode Gold Boost | Poor Magical Damage Mitigation

If you release, you get rezzed at the instance’s entrance or at checkpoints that are sometimes created when you kill a boss. Unlike other dungeons, Challenge Modes can be reset as many times as you like (the group leader will have a special menu option that sends you back to the beginning, respawns the zone, and resets the timer). There is no hourly cap or daily lockout.Bosses do not drop loot and challenge mode for sale gear does not take a durability loss. You cannot swap party members without exiting and fully resetting the zone.All class cooldowns longer than 3 minutes reset when you reset the zone, as well as item cooldowns like Lesser Invisibility Potion and Invisibility Potion.You can swap between challenge mode gold boost your two stored specializations during the run, but cannot change individual talents/glyphs within each one.

The first time a group of my friends and I tried in MoP we went in without a plan, got destroyed and they lost interest. I want to be more prepared going in this time!Other than specific dungeon info do you have any general suggestions for buying Challenge mode Gold getting into CMs? Is team comp essential or can you make it with most comps? The group would probably be me (prot paladin), rogue, disc/holy priest, shadow priest and maybe a boomkin. Would that comp work? Thanks again for the guides!! Truly appreciated!

The squish has nothing to do with it. We have poor magical damage challenge mode service mitigation since the nerf of barrier, shield reflect is wonky on what it works on and only works on casted spells, to do good AOE damage we have to work harder and we have no self heals that scale with resolve. Barrier doesn’t scale well enough with resolve in comparison. All of these are what make a better tank for CM. With that said any tank is viable for CM golds.


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