ROI August Summer Event Guide –

ROI’s summer event will end on August 23rd! Start enjoying the heat of summer now and check out Hakain’s Crossing, the theme of the new summer event at Victory Square. Enjoy the cool while enjoying the coolness of the beach. Until the last day. There are more rewards waiting for you, gold.raiditem (a professional online ROI gold seller) will tell you how to get a good return during the event.


Daily Login Rewards

Another new month of Daily login rewards! Enjoy all the treat we have given away. If you have any questions of buying Riders of Icarus Gold, please fell free to contact us!

Pet: Sparkle Kerav

Max Level: 35
Type: Aerial
Comes with the skills: Mythic Resilience, Flurry of Hearts and Kerav’s Daydream.

Mount: Dredum

Max Level: 55
Can be Sealed and turn into a pet
Type: Ground
Comes with the following skills:
Mythic Resilience:
Can shrug off the environmental status effects of all regions.
Horned Lizard’s Constitution
Jungle Sanctuary: Increased Move Speed by 20% and Familiar EXP by 25%.
Roar: Draws the attention of the enemy with a loud roar.
Seal Stone Results at Level 55: Health +416; All Attributes +25

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Special Login Rewards

Stay login for 7 days to get this Special login rewards! We also have a special mount for you to ride on.

Hot Time Event
Stay login during this hours 19:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC to receive a Watermelon Slice x100 as a reward from August 1 to August 23. Once login, you will be able to receive the rewards automatically after a minute.

NPC Haley
Summer Event will not be fun without our new NPC Haley who will be our guide to secure more rewards along the way. NPC Haley will give you quests to have more rewards along the way. Also, NPC Haley is a Merchant that will give you rewards if you have the right exchange item. These are all Shoulder cosmetic.

I think you must be ready to enjoy the cool summer. Start logging into the game every day and get a lot of rewards. If you need to buy ROI gold, gold.raiditem will never let you down!


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