Path of Exile 3.4.3f Update – Raiditem

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The poe team have prepared the 3.4.3f update for the ongoing Delve League. This patch includes a few improvements and various bug fixes. now – the best chaos orbs & exalted orbs shop will share the patch notes with you! More information you can check out at the poe official website.

Fixed a bug where stashes were able to be kept open after you were no longer near them.

Fixed a bug where ground effects from map modifiers in the Azurite Mine did not appear.

Fixed a bug where many Bloodline modifiers were unable to generate in the Azurite Mine.

Fixed a bug where Harbingers in the Azurite Mine were unable to drop high level currency shards.

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Fixed a bug preventing completion of the Unspeakable Shrine Abyss encounter in the Azurite Mine if your Light Radius was too low.

Fixed a bug where the Hybrid Defense Delve suffix modifiers prevented Hybrid Defense prefix modifiers from being rolled or crafted.

Fixed a bug where Instant Skills used on Predictive Mode could sometimes fail to cast.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.4.3e where ranged Minions, such as Spectres and Flame Golems, had a lower range for their skills than intended.
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