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ESO Live & Official Bethesda Streams

Tune into our official ESO Live show on Twitch for at least 10 minutes:

ESO Live, Summerfall Special: September 21, 7:30-8:30PM BST

Drops will start to go out at the conclusion of the stream

ESO Live: September 27, 11:00PM-12:00AM BST (watch longer for a chance at multiple Drops!)

Drops will start to go out at the conclusion of the stream

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The Surprise collaboration Event Coming To Lineage 2 – Gold.raiditem.com

Lineage II is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows. Netmarble Corporation, the world’s fastest-growing mobile gaming company, has introduced a new surprise collaboration event that includes “one of Asia’s most popular gaming IPs.” The update brings new dungeons and new puzzles, and you may need to use some  Lineage 2 Adena in the game. In this case, don’t forget that gold.raiditem is the best Lineage 2 Adena seller.

201809030333091 (1).jpg

In this collaboration event, a new event dungeon called the “Event Temporal Rift– Keep of Catastrophe” will be available to all players. With four difficulties to choose from, players of all levels and experience will team up in groups of five to face off against the new boss and save the Silverlight Mercenary. In addition to the new event dungeon, a new weapon costume will also be available to all players to celebrate the partnership between Lineage 2: Revolution and the surprise franchise.

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The update also adds a new mount pet called the “Divine Sharly.” The cute and egg-shaped pet is only summonable with “Divine Sharly Summoning Stones” and will also alter the character’s appearance when equipped. In addition, the special reward for victory of Fortress Siege also has been added to this update. Winners of Fortress Siege will acquire ‘Strider Binding Hornflute’ that can be used for summoning a strider as the reward.

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ROI August Summer Event Guide – Gold.raiditem.com

ROI’s summer event will end on August 23rd! Start enjoying the heat of summer now and check out Hakain’s Crossing, the theme of the new summer event at Victory Square. Enjoy the cool while enjoying the coolness of the beach. Until the last day. There are more rewards waiting for you, gold.raiditem (a professional online ROI gold seller) will tell you how to get a good return during the event.


Daily Login Rewards

Another new month of Daily login rewards! Enjoy all the treat we have given away. If you have any questions of buying Riders of Icarus Gold, please fell free to contact us!

Pet: Sparkle Kerav

Max Level: 35
Type: Aerial
Comes with the skills: Mythic Resilience, Flurry of Hearts and Kerav’s Daydream.

Mount: Dredum

Max Level: 55
Can be Sealed and turn into a pet
Type: Ground
Comes with the following skills:
Mythic Resilience:
Can shrug off the environmental status effects of all regions.
Horned Lizard’s Constitution
Jungle Sanctuary: Increased Move Speed by 20% and Familiar EXP by 25%.
Roar: Draws the attention of the enemy with a loud roar.
Seal Stone Results at Level 55: Health +416; All Attributes +25

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Special Login Rewards

Stay login for 7 days to get this Special login rewards! We also have a special mount for you to ride on.

Hot Time Event
Stay login during this hours 19:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC to receive a Watermelon Slice x100 as a reward from August 1 to August 23. Once login, you will be able to receive the rewards automatically after a minute.

NPC Haley
Summer Event will not be fun without our new NPC Haley who will be our guide to secure more rewards along the way. NPC Haley will give you quests to have more rewards along the way. Also, NPC Haley is a Merchant that will give you rewards if you have the right exchange item. These are all Shoulder cosmetic.

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Blade&Soul 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest Winners Revealed – Gold.raiditem

Last week, Blade & Soul held a 2018 Cosmetic Design Competition, and players can vote for the winner of the Blade & Soul Cosmetic Design Contest before August 13! The voting is now over and the winners of the Cosmetic Design Competition have been selected. Today gold.raiditem will take you to uncover the winners of this cosmetic design competition. If you are interested in buying BNS Gold, please feel free to visit gold.raiditem.

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Grand Prize Winners

CuBur “Reborn”

I created this design inspired by the Phoenix. It’s called “REBORN” because I really like the story of the rebirth of the Phoenix and I thought it would be compatible with Blade & Soul. So I combined brocade fabric and gold materials together for the design of this royal bird. I tried to give the design a darker look with cloaks made of Phoenix feathers.


The phoenix is often depicted as a bird of flame. Therefore, my design is inspired by the opposing element of fire, which is ice. The silvery and deep blue tones represent the colors of this element, paired with a silver phoenix as opposed to the fire phoenix that is gold. In addition to the gold metal detailing to provide contrast, the snowflake emblem emits a blue particle glow and the weapon itself is encircled with a blue wind-like effect to amplify the overall look.

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As the Grand Prize Winners, CuBur and YunLiang will be receiving $150 worth of Hongmoon Coin, the exclusive Kindred Soul community events costume, their winning designs will be implemented into the game.


The 20 runners-up all did such an amazing job and will each be receiving $50 of Hongmoon Coin, and the Kindred Soul community events exclusive costume.

If you would like to see all eligible entries in this year’s Cosmetic Design Competition, please visit the Blade & Soul Facebook Gallery. At the same time, if you have enough BNS Gold, you can now buy the demand for these great designs. As a professional online game currency seller, gold.raiditem.com has always been committed to providing the best BNS Gold with the most reasonable price. Visit us now!

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Gold.raiditem.com Tell You How TO Join Trove Sunfest Event


All residents of Trove and Geode, it’s time to celebrate the luminescent power of the Sun Goddess. Sunfest has restarted on July 10th, gold.raiditem.com will reveal all the details for you.

This event includes  all new adventures and rewards, and the second statistical replay event returned this week. Join this celebrations and let the sun shine in! Learn more about the events of Sunfest or Trove Flux from gold.raiditem.com.
First, eight new adventures will take you through Trove! That’s right, you will be able to complete several celebration adventures on Trove or Geode. Complete all of this and win your own Golden Vale Dragon Pup ally.
Second, all Dragon Dragon Caches can save 50% Trove Flux this week! You definitely want to load, because Luxion will return to Trove Hub on July 14th .
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In addition, during the two-week celebration, you will receive daily login rewards and a free Golden Ticket Chest!
The cherry on top of this gorgeous solar sundae is the return of the Second Stat Reroll event. Build your epic loot and find the perfect stats for all your adventure needs.

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